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Who We Are

The Collegiate Plant Initiative is a multi-university collaboration based at the University of Florida. CPI's goal is to connect students from all majors to the plant industry as future consumers and employees.

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The Collegiate Plant Initiative's

Student Success Stories

CPI connects students from all academic backgrounds to internships and careers within the plant industry. Take a look below to read more about the experiences of University of Florida students.

Our Students

Tessa and Adam Mosely proven winners pleasant view gardens internship

Tessa Hochhaus

Research and Development Intern

Proven Winners

"At Pleasant View Gardens I was able to work in the Research and Development Department. With a previous knowledge of breeding, I was now able to see the next step in the process. While working on maintaining stock, watering, planting, and learning to work with machinery for larger scale production, I also worked on an individual project. I was in charge of the Verbena Comparison Study in which I evaluation and compared Proven Winner’s verbena varieties to the competitors’ based on multiple criteria including powdery mildew resistance."

Sam Samantha Nuzzi Ball Horticulture UF student fragrance flavor chemistry

Samantha Nuzzi

Fragrance and Flavor Chemistry Intern

Ball Horticultural Company

"I worked as the Fragrance and Flavor Chemistry Intern at Ball Horticultural Company during the summer of 2018. While my main research involved volatile compounds in lavender, I also conducted pigment analysis of roses, dahlia, and geraniums. It was a pleasure working with their senior analytical chemist, Dr. Jayaraj Alappat. He is a skilled teacher; I always felt as though I could ask him any questions I had. My favorite part of the internship was the project I conducted on staining lavender trichomes (the tiny hairs on leaves). This was a project in which I was given no specific directions, and I had the freedom to create my own procedures. Having the ability to come up with my own solution to a task has been a vital part in my professional development. I truly appreciated working with Dr. Alappat all the other scientists in Ball Helix and I would recommend this internship to any students interested in chemistry."

chloee collins orchid intern smithsonian gardens uf studentpenn state botany

Chloee Collins

Orchid Intern

Smithsonian Gardens

“Working for Smithsonian Gardens deepened my appreciation for horticulture while making the conservation of orchids relevant. The institution’s orchid collection is full of botanical treasures that connect people to plants."


Abbie Clark

Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Intern

Ball Horticultural Company

"As an intern in the marketing department at Ball, I had the opportunity to explore a wide range of functions within the company. From photography and videography to blogging and social media management, I was able to expand my skill set while meeting incredible people along the way."

morgan alone.JPG

Morgan Moore

Research and Development Intern

Proven Winners

When asked what advice she’d give to younger students, Moore said that becoming involved and gaining experience has helped her significantly with classwork at UF. “I went in at the end of my sophomore year … now going into the majority of my classes towards my major, I know a lot of things, and I can apply them,” she explained, “those skills do carry on.”


Natalie Dozier

Public Relations Intern

Collegiate Plant Initiative

"With help from the horticulture industry and those within it, more and more students like myself will foster a great interest in the industry and an even greater love for plants."

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