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Plant Drops

Our 'Plant Drops' are one of the most effective methods of getting students to pay attention to plants. By going to the busiest areas of university campuses and giving away, 1,000 plants to college students, we generate an incredible amount of excitement within the plant world. We bring plants to the students to educate them on plant care and make people who love plants. 

Industry Partners

Plant Drops benefit the plant industry by creating future employees and consumers who love plants.

Industry leaders can assist the Collegiate Plant Initiative in the following ways:

  • Providing plugs and liners to growers

  • Providing growing space for plants

  • Delivering plants to events

  • Supporting university partners

  • Donating funds for logistics, travel, and more

The Collegiate Plant Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies on the donations from organizations listed on our "Donate" page. Every dollar counts and any level of support is greatly appreciated. Please email Virginia at to learn more.

University Partners

Plant Drops are a fantastic way to reach the general student population in a fun and flashy way.


Past university partners have used Plant Drops to talk to students about their department, student organizations and introductory plant classes. Horticulture clubs are always welcome, and have even hosted fundraisers next to Plant Drops in the past!

If you think your campus needs a Plant Drop, please email Virginia at to learn more.

Plant Drops have been hosted at: University of Florida, Texas A&M University, Penn State University, North Carolina State University, Clemson University, and the University of Georgia.


Student Article: Why is the Plant Drop so Enticing?

"[Plant Drops] allow the students to be able to see their success in taking care of something living, allowing them to want to have more plants...It also leads to these students actually going to purchase plants, boosting the industry."

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