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Finding the Plants People Love

With Internal Review Board (IRB) approval, we have been able to survey students at the University of Florida to find out their plant preferences in an introductory plants class called Plants, Gardening & You. 


Through this process, we have been able to find out which plants are the plants people love and which plants are less popular among the millennial demographic. 

How It Works

There are more than 300 students currently enrolled in Plants, Gardening & You (ORH1030) at the University of Florida. This has allowed us to gather a significant amount of data from students in the class. With two back-to-back class sections, we are able to gather two sets of data for each class date. 

We create experiments to test which plant color, variety, shape and overall appearance college students like best. These data allow us to predict which plant varieties will be most popular among consumers and identify whether college-aged individuals share common preferences in plant appearance. 

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